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How Can I be of Service to You Today?

On this page you will see several choices of services I offer.

How you choose will be dependent upon what feels to you to be your greatest desire or problem.

And then consider what may be practical for you… Soul Intunement, Life Situation reading, House Clearing and INNERgy Healing sessions can all be done from a distance.

Or enter The DoorWay
My next workshop dates are 1 June, 4 June, and 20 July – go to The Doorway page for more information.

Ask your self and your body what is most important for you with your current situation….breathe deeply…listen to and follow your heart’s direction, and choose from there. There is no right or wrong, and for many of my clients a combination of several types of sessions will work over a period of time.

soul intunement

Soul Intunement

Are you living a fulfilling life?  Are you wondering what your purpose is in this world?
Do you feel stuck, disconnected, drained of energy?  Would you like to progress your spiritual nature?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then discover why a SOUL INTUNEMENT can help you understand yourself at soul level and open doors for potential and new possibilities.

soul intunement


Are you looking to explore your personal or professional potential?
The DoorWay workshops are literally a ‘door way’ to discover a pathway to health, wealth and wellbeing hat you may have never considered before.
We are fusing quantum science backed information with energy based principles to bring you new fast acting methods to help you step into a new way of being – to give you a new ‘normal’.
Discover the next level of meditation-mindfulness with these methods for today’s world. What are you waiting for – enter The DoorWay to find out more….

soul intunement

INNERgy Healing

Are you are feeling stuck, low in energy or unsure of your next step?  Wondering why same patterns keep showing up?

INNERgy healing can reveal what is blocking you at either an emotional, physical or mental level. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Release blocked emotions, old beliefs
  • Release stuck energy
  • Rebalance body systems
  • Restore energy flow in the body
  • Relaxes mind, shifts mood

Experiencing Anxiety, Migraines and Panic Attacks

My husband (39yrs) had a stroke which resulted in me experiencing anxiety, migraines and panic attacks.  With young children to look after, a recovering husband and other commitments, there’s no time to not feel well.
Ever since seeing Ngaire in Dec 2017 I have been physically, emotionally healthy and much more balanced.  I’m happily amazed how long the healing is lasting.  Meanwhile life sure has presented challenges, however since Ngaire’s healing I’m able to bounce back in no time.   Overall I’m emotionally stronger, therefore healthier.
Thank you for assisting others Ngaire, keep up the great work.
H Hunter

INNERgy Balancing, a Positive and Beneficial Experience

Having never encountered this type of process before, I had no idea what to expect. Firstly it was a positive and beneficial experience. I found Ngaire, trustworthy, generous with her knowledge & wisdom. Gentle and clear with her communication with me. After having two sessions with Ngaire, I have noticed a change within myself, issues I have struggled with my entire life, no longer affect me in a negative manner. I can highly recommend Ngaire as a gifted practitioner . Thank you Ngaire, for the opportunity to experience your work.
Barbara M

Pain Reduced, Depression Lifted

I saw Ngaire for treatment after having been in debilitating pain for some time and finding that the Doctor’s medication was not helping. I have to say that the pain, after her INNERgy treatment, reduced considerably, and Ngaire managed to lift the depression and allow my more positive nature to come to the fore again. I am very grateful. Many thanks to Ngaire.
Pam Bennett

Who I Really Am

It was my first experience having a Soul Intunement Reading. I had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the very detailed, quite accurate insight that Ngaire provided me with. Facets revealed of WHO I REALLY AM gave me goosebumps as they struck a chord at a soul level. In fact some aspects that I couldn’t understand or said No to, have come about. Having a Soul Intunement Reading with Ngaire is truly a blessing and will help you to step more into alignment with your soul’s plan.

Self-love, Letting go of the past – Releasing and Forgiving Myself

After my Access Bars sessions with Ngaire I feel a balance of body and mind. I have more restful sleep and feel at peace. My energy levels are up, and I feel more in control. Ngaire helped me attain some self-love, and letting go of the past – releasing and forgiving myself. Achieving a peace of mind, and feeling the comfort of self acceptance.
Cathy F

I Am Now Embodying My Soul’s Purpose

I had my Soul Intunement Reading with Ngaire last year. It was an amazing experience to assist me in unearthing those blocks in my energy system that may have been holding me back from reaching my dynamic potential. Since then I have grown and I am now embodying my soul’s purpose. Thank you Ngaire, you have any amazing gift, I honour you and I loVed working with you. Shine your light.
Vanessa Browne 

Healing through Hands and Words

Always in my sessions with you, I come away feeling more balanced, calm, and with a raised vibration (whatever treatment it was). I escaped continuing physical pain by having this healing and regained a full nights sleep. I see one of your strengths as words – the healing is not just through your hands.
Ngaire L

Feeling Better About Myself

Your sessions and different treatments have helped me to attain a fuller health and escape physical and emotional pain. It’s helped in my work, and I feel more positive. After Bars I really feel relaxed which means I can work smarter, more organised. I handle stress better in both work and in my personal life and feel better about myself, feeling more positive on my outlook on life.
Jenny R

Alleviated the Pain I Experienced in my Lower Back

On a physical plane the AromaTouch sessions have alleviated the pain I experienced in my lower back.

Ngaire is good at identifying blockages either emotionally or physically and giving solutions to resolve.

Sharon M

I Felt Like I Was More Solid, and Stronger

My Soul Intunement Reading was very empowering, informative, and in parts Out if this World… Ngaire is super precise, & everything is done to perfection… you will not be left without any information being covered… and she will be sure to help you have a clear understanding. I noticed a difference in my home a couple of days prior Ngaire coming to do my reading… I found out at the time of the reading she had done a clearing… which had definitely already given an obvious warmth, and feel of harmony to me. I had a 1 day ritual to do… then a 21 Day ritual as well. After completing that I felt like I was more solid, and stronger so to speak, after gathering bits of myself together again. I highly recommend Ngaire… and I too will get another Soul Intunement Reading from her.

My Soul has been Fed and My Body has been Comforted

The biggest improvement I think I can make that relates to what you do is around keeping my soul calm and my body comfortable. Our sessions are so relaxing that I am left feeling that my soul has been fed and my body has been comforted.
Pam R

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