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JOYFULIGHT is a way to describe my intention of being and living, and to share my experiences and knowledge with others so they can also live in Joyfulight.

That wasn’t the always the case though in my life. And if someone had said to me 20 years ago that this is what I would be doing/being in my life – I would have looked at them and laughed. And so here I was a mother, wife, sister, daughter – playing all these roles and looking for something more – something that would inspire me, and fulfil me in a way that none of these roles could.

What was it? My spirituality – my path – my mission.

Having experienced relationship challenges, emotional roller coaster rides, and serious health issues – I still had a drive to find out more about who I really was, and my spiritual nature. When you’re having sleepless nights, stressed to the max, your teenager says they hate you and you don’t like your job – then a huge calling goes out to your soul that says help – even if you’re not consciously aware of it. So amidst a very stressful full time job, raising two young children, and being in a relationship I decided to enquire into this ‘spiritual stuff’. That was 25 years ago …

So 25 years of listening to my intuition, which by the way is only helpful if you act on it … my path has taken many twists and turns … and when I didn’t listen to my intuition the opportunity came around again for me to choose.

Becoming proficient in many healing modalities was a huge leap forward in my spiritual nature, and my awakening occurred as part of this learning, sometimes with huge ah ha moments, sometimes a gradual understanding and integrational / shift.

Developing in the arena of mediumship was also a huge personal growth for me, and a challenging one. Both the healing work and mediumship talents have melded to become a way of life and being for me. I have developed my own personal spiritual practices that work for me using the wisdom of many inspired teachers and my own understandings.  It is a continual work in progress.

Natural Healing

Natural healing therapy was also a huge step in my personal growth and a way to fulfil my passion for helping others – I started out learning Therapeutic Massage when I was a teenager, then later on in life obtained a Diploma in Zen Shiatsu a wonderful holistic therapy. I then went on to learn other therapies such as;  Reiki (L2), Access Bars and Bodywork,  Spiritual Healing, Zenna Healing, Elohim Healing, Reconnective Healing, Access Touch Cortices,  Psych-K L1, Mindscape, Aromatouch Technique, INNERgy Healing, Soul Intunement (Akashic Record Readings), Eric Dowsett Clearing and other studies.

It’s not always easy being on a spiritual path, it requires persistence, consistence and down right faith sometimes.

That’s why I can offer you the benefit of my everyday experiences and learnings on the path to help you understand who you are and more of your spiritual nature.

The following may help you listen to your heart –
Are you living a fulfilling life?
Are you wondering what you are supposed to be doing in this world?
Do you feel stuck, disconnected, or drained of energy?
Would you like to progress your spiritual nature?

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