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On this page are some of my many inspired writings from spirit. Communication from spirit to expand my own awareness and that of others has always been in my soul plan, and that became evident when I received my Soul Intunement. And so I place these writings here with the intention that they will inspire and create further awareness on your path. I give permission for these to be shared and ask that the source be acknowledged. I will continue to add to this page …so check back regularly for updates.


What is resonance – it is a state or feeling of agreement or truth within either the physical or emotional body.  It is where there is a signal received that strikes a chord of acceptance into the feelings of those energy bodies.

This resonance is part of your inner guidance system – and can be a direct indicator for you to follow if you so choose.

Truth is always an indicator for the self and each soul has it’s own truths based on it’s lifespan here and past.   To follow your own guidance relies on a number of indicators in the experience.   Trial and error of choice will determine for you what works and what is the truth for your soul or not.   As the soul expands it’s awareness the indicators will become stronger and more definitive and clear and so resonance is created as part of your frequency that you output.

Any tendency to ignore or explain away this resonance as something not important will then set you on a path where different choices are made – thus discovering a pattern which will lead in the negative aspect of that choice.   Being or feeling less than what is truth within you will create disharmony in all the energy bodies and an imbalance will occur.

Learning to trust these feelings and resonance is an important experience so you may live a more fulfilling life and create those experiences from a place of joy and abundance.

Ask for help at any time – your spiritual requests are heard, to help you understand what can be done on your part to help yourself.

Although you are not on this journey alone, there is the human aspect which is to be had and lived in, and help can be obtained from your fellow humans.

Create space in your life to have time with those who are guiding you and allow these energies to harmonise with you.   Treat your own personal expansion with reverance and a sacredness that is to be experienced as this is your choice to be on this plane.

Give yourself freedome to think and feel within certain situations, to reflect, to go within and in that creation ask for guidance.

There is no prayer or request ever unheard – allow it to come from the heart so your truth resonates into the universe and into the spiritual realms that can assist you.

Be kind with yourself and be in tune with that which you know feels resonant with you at all times.

Allow the wonder of nature to embrace the soul and touch your heart for the journey is ever unfolding in every universe that has ever existed.


There is a place deep inside of me that is my gift to God,

It’s like the dawn breaking an emergence from the dark.

There is a place deep inside of me that is a part of God,

It’s like the raindrop in slow motion before it touches my senses.

There is a place deep inside of me that hears God,

It is like the sound of buttefly wings as they flutter by my head.

There is a place deep inside of me that knows God,

It is like the earth breathing and feeling her heart pulse.

There is a place deep inside of me that is my unique signature – that only God will recognise,

For when I take those silent moments God sees me and I know God.

I Am

I am no thing, yet I am everything
I am nowhere, and I am everywhere
I am not you and I am not me yet I am everyone
I am the All and you are also the All
We are not separate
We are participating in the stream of existence and are a part of the whole
We are the oneness
We are knowing
We are love
We are peace
We are light
We are present in the presence of the omnipresent life force
Our lives are determined by our present presence and give rise to never ending possible permutations of conscious awareness, and so our presence witnesses itself in the process of its timeless variations, and explorations of self, returning home to the I AM Presence.


Something is Happening

Something is happening in my heart, I feel a pain, a sorrow a tear
Something is happening in my heart, is it a new awakening ready to appear?
Something is happening in my soul, a light, a gift, a far off voice
Something is happening in my soul, this illusion is cracking, what’s my next choice?
Something is happening in my life, I realise it’s already waiting in its place
Something is happening to the me I once was
For now, I am me, that is now, nothing lost
Something is always happening

The Perfect Plan

On a journey of awareness lies with each of us a perfect plan.
We have some tools to gather along the way, that will help us use the Christ within.
We can choose to be gentle and loving to cause effects of peace and joy.
We can embrace challenges in a simple way to gain strength within.
We can overcome fear with patience and tolerance as the master within guides us to release pain.
We can take action with each new opportunity to stand in our power.
We can receive guidance from our soul to know how we may be of service.
We can use wisdom in our words and allow serenity to flow from the infinite.
We can be assured that the Master is constant in his divine loving spirit, as we know that all of life is a part of us.

We are the Perfect Plan

I AM Master of my Perfect Plan

Journeys of Love

Journeys of love are acceptance and forgiveness. Travelling through time to see what is past gathers the strength and fortitude to discern what needs letting go.

If you really see that no-one can hurt you or decide for you what is best then each day you can travel to the place of heart and soul and move forward in your progress.

Progression of your soul is an eternal job and you should not be impatient with this. An earthly life is one of great learning and it is one that you should be proud of not ashamed of.

Your soul knows what is required all the time, you all you must do is listen. Every aspect of your being is soul driven, what you do, say, eat, who you love, not love etc.

Tremendous leaps you have made to be of soul mind and to be kind and generous to others. Mistakes also have been made and so the learning has taken place.

Forget the mistakes – remember the learning. Choose to be your soul and be the love light presence of the God within.
Know you are being love and are loved.

Journeys of Love


When you look at yourself, what do you see, do you see flesh and bone, hair and clothes, or do you see the spirit within, the person that makes up the whole of you, all the emotional sides of you, the positive, the negative, the creative, the enchanting, the endearing, the loving, caring, individual you are. When you look in the mirror, what is the difference between what you see, and what you wish to see. How do you bridge the gap and make the change and recognise the difference when it happens?

Your world is filled with clouds of negativity, of dense static fields of heavy toxicity and a feeling of dreariness. The planet is suffering on a grand scale, individuals are suffering not only within themselves but also as a group consciousness, in societies, and families. Why is this happening is a frequent question.


The individual choice to learn the lessons is the main reason, but when you look at the collective reasons for the suffering, the lessons are much the same. Within families what are the family lessons, step outside the circle and see what is happening as a whole, not just to you or your husband or child try to envisage what the whole will look like if the lessons are learnt. It is a complicated web of threads that tie each of you together, and in the communities that you live.

The helplessness you feel at times is a result of a disconnected feeling away from the family or circle from which you normally involve yourself. Again step aside and look at the situation from a stranger’s point of view, how would they look at it, and what would they see with their eyes, not knowing any of you. Give yourself the chance to realise the difference instead of always trying so hard to make the change, allow the difference to become you and integrate this into your daily life.

Your chances are sometimes subtle and the opportunities are missed because you can only see the flesh and the bone, not the inner spirit you are. Physicality weighs heavy in the earth world, and we understand the desire to be lifted of its burdens. This then is when we say to you, you must seek our help, for this is the one purpose we come so close to you to give you that guidance and upliftment and allow you to surrender to all that is spirit.

Remembering your spirit self is not an easy task, and although in the realms while you sleep the visits will help your enduring earth task but giving you the hope and desire that lies within and feeling of spirit, the love and happiness that awaits you. The harder the struggle the more you need to seek guidance at any stage. If the lesson is overlooked there will be another opportunity, and you are the only one that makes judgement on yourself, no other.

The earthly life is full of judgements and this we know to be the greatest struggle of all for mankind, for this has caused a universal negativity, a harsh reality to those wish to move forward. However, it can be done, one by one, allowing your spirit self to emerge, allowing your unconditional love to be expressed, allowing you to be the spirit you are, the light of love that will shine back at you if you look deeper in the reflection of who you are.


Divine oneness, purity of essence all things heavenly. These words and descriptions are used frequently on the earth plane and in your teachings on your spiritual path.

To explain true divinity would require many lifetimes and knowledge that is vast but for now we will give you a simpler version of that which you seek.

For a moment in your life is but an openness of mind in the spirit realm. Imagine you are standing alone on a mountain top and you open yourself to that of the divine, what is it you would expect?

Downloading Team Spirit

A bolt of lightning – a hand coming down from the clouds? Divine oneness is a feeling deep within your soul the spirit essence of who you are. It is a completeness of love of peace, of a fulfilling energy – none that can be felt on your earth plane.

To reach this state requires many levels of higher consciousness and a freeing of the physical body, some who can free themselves can experience a glimpse of this if in the right level, others may only know a smaller feeling of this – for instance when you meditate. To search and gain some level of oneness is an ongoing journey and we ask that you continue to practice this. It is not just connection with your guides – this practice is deeper and has a leaning towards release & surrender to spirit by your spirit.

Realise this moment when you experience it and you will be encouraged to keep trying. For the deepness of peace within and love that can be sourced from spirit is what will help you move forward and grow on the spiritual. It also reflects in your daily lives and helps you overcome that which is difficult.

Surrender and release, with love, all that you are as spirit – a very real essence of everlasting life. Keep your spark glowing and alive.

For oneness is spirit is love is divine.

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