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House Clearing

House clearing is a simple yet effective way to harmonise the energy in your home/rental property that will assist whoever is occupying the space to be more at peace within their own lives.

The clearing happens within the energetic ‘Akashic Record’ of the property and often there are very obvious reasons why there is disharmony in a home or property. For example, often places are built on Sacred Sites, and this can make people feel uncomfortable in their own home, or there are Negative Thought Forms that exist in the home; this is energy that has built up from thoughts that someone is focusing on a lot; these often can arise from arguments and disruptive/dysfunctional relationships; sometimes from previous owners – as you don’t know what their energy has been like before you move into a new place; or even projected energy from angry neighbours.

These are just some of ways that disharmony is created in a home or environment. If you are selling your house and it’s just not ‘selling’ then it’s likely there is an energetic imbalance happening.

So how do you know if you need a clearing?
– Definitely if you are selling your house
– Having unexplainable health issues and/or sleep disturbances
– Feeling depressed / anxious/ emotionally charged, or having feelings or thoughts that are not yours
– Financial difficulties

All clearing is done remotely. Please note that you must either own / rent the property.

I will email you with a report of what is found in the Akashic Record, and any other information that will assist you. I will also conduct a ‘clearing’ in the Akashic Record. If you wish further clarification this can be discussed over the phone.

House Clearing, NZ$115

For those in New Zealand Payment via Direct Credit is also an option, account: Joyfulight 03-0498-0023241-00
Please state your name as reference, and HouseClear as the code.

To access the Akashic Record of the property I will need the following information from you.
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