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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency and vibration. –  Nikola Tesla

INNERgy Healing

For Emotional Release and Mind-Body Energy Balancing

What is INNERgy Healing

It is an energetic approach to help people overcome what is holding them back from being healthy, happy and successful.


By using emotional release and energy balancing techniques, to align your body’s energies to boost your health and vitality.

Benefits of INNERgy Healing

  • Release blocked emotions, old beliefs
  • Release stuck energy
  • Rebalance body systems
  • Restore energy flow in the body
  • Relaxes mind, shifts mood

Have you ever felt lost, lonely, dis-spirited, emotionally distraught or just at a loss to why you feel the way you do?

Are you feeling a lack of energy – stressed – low in mood – unable to get yourself together?

Do you have unexplainable symptoms, or issues that have not been resolved through other methods?

These are very common symptoms in today’s world, and many people just do not know who to turn to or what possible solutions or assistance there is out there.

INNERgy Healing is a way to connect your mind-body and spirit, and to reach those possible causes/sources of your dis-comfort, or dis-ease, on an energetic level. Disturbed energies precede illness in the physical body, and it’s possible to correct energy imbalances before they appear as an illness.

“Any cell, tissue, or organ is capable of crying for attention, and when you give it some,
the healing process begins.”  
— Deepak Chopra

More information on INNERgy healing
Most people don’t spend enough time nurturing their true nature of self. And as life becomes a busyness and routine and perhaps obligations and responsibilities to uphold, the self-nurture becomes neglected.

So, we often create blocks / disruptions/ or disturbances in our energy flow within our bodies and our heart/minds, as a result of our daily life choices, often sub-consciously. It is not until something begins to arise and appear to not be working properly – whether it’s a physical emotional or mental one – and that it disrupts our daily life in such a way that we can’t put up with it any longer – that we finally may take a look and see that it needs attention. Sometimes we have left it a bit long to do so – and it may become a little more challenging to find that solution than we first thought. And if it is sub-conscious then we can find it a complete mystery as to why something is showing up the way it does.

Our lives are filled with mystery and are very complex on many different levels. So, it is not always an easy task to find that someone or something that can assist us in a way that will unravel that mystery of what is happening to us.

INNERgy Healing is an energy facilitation that will allow your mind-body connection to present itself to me in the session, based on its highest priorities. I work within a reference of energy that taps into the intuitive aspect of self and the client, and the quantum field.

Your mind-body has an innate intelligence and knows what the priority is to be worked on first, and it will reveal to me in any one session that which is required first. A client may book a session with an injury to be worked on – but what may show up is an emotional block that first needs to be released.

Having an INNERgy Healing session will shift, clear and release energy within your body and being at the level that you are willing to allow it – you will determine what actually happens in the session, so you feel safe and nurtured.

Are you ready to nurture your true nature?

Sessions are mostly via distance.
Local in-clinic sessions are available in Waipu, NZ.

What happens during a distant session?

Skype is the preferred method for these sessions. I will call you on skype, and then we will have a brief chat about your intention. All you need to do is be comfortable and relaxed– this is YOUR time for self. I will then for the most part, quietly work energetically, via muscle testing and intuitive intention processes, on aspects of what is required for you. I may check with you on the information I’m receiving, through the mind-body intelligence and then direct you to breathe or tap to help the energy shift and move.

How does live-distant healing work?

If you consider that thought is just energy as well as emotions and feelings, imbalances in the energy body can create physical problems or an illness. If the practitioner can help the client to resolve their issue which has created the illness, and their energy is balanced and restored, the illness often disappears or improves.

Energy healing can be carried out for any condition, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Improvement can be instantaneous or improve over time. How the recipient responds can vary. They may feel warm, cold, feel sensations in their body or just feel more calm and relaxed. It’s common that they feel nothing, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. They are just not aware of it. Improvement may come over days or even weeks, depending on how fast the individual can integrate what happened during the energy session.

Benefits of Distant Healing

Some of the benefits of live-distant energy based healing include:

  • Proven powerful form of healing for the mind, body, and spirit
  • No need to travel or leave one’s home
  • Healing can take place anytime, anywhere
  • Ideal for people who cannot tolerate or are sensitive to being touched
  • Strong element of privacy
  • Proven effectiveness in treating ‘invisible’ or inexplicable illnesses/imbalances
  • Brings balance and vital energy to the physical body
  • Restores depleted energy levels

For Local In-clinic sessions clients can lie on the massage table, or sit in a comfy chair– fully clothed and relax.

INNERgy Healing Sessions

Please read the disclaimer before you book. Thank you.

Individual Session – $95 

– 75 min intensive

For those in New Zealand Payment via Direct Credit is also an option, account: Joyfulight 03-0498-0023241-00
Please state your name as reference, and INNERGY as the code.

Once you have paid, please email Ngaire stating your name and mobile number, so she can contact you and arrange the session.

DISCLAIMER: Energy therapy is a natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Energy therapy or any other natural healing therapy should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments. All therapies are meant to either complement or enhance any other treatment that is being undertaken by the client.

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