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Life Situation Reading

This reading is for returning clients who want to resolve specific issues or situations that they are currently experiencing. This session builds upon the Soul Intunement Reading.

Although much of the initial clearing work is done in the Soul Intunement Reading, this work is like peeling an onion – there are lots of layers of negativity to be cleared.

Often clients can only be ready for clearing at a certain time or stage in their awareness, and then integration time is needed. A Life Situation Reading is also about what you intend to create, as well as your current experience and situation.

A Life Situation Reading will empower you with knowledge and advice for resolving the issues you are facing so you can move forward in your life, helping you see the new choices that are required to create the experiences you do want to create. Any number of issues can be addressed at the same time as they all encompass your current life situation.
This is a powerful and liberating opportunity to help remove and overcome the challenges you are currently experiencing.

As part of the clearing and healing process, you are asked to embed the clearing with a 21 day homework action, to embed this into your subconscious.

Life Situation Reading, NZ$160

For NZ clients if direct credit is preferred please use bank account: Joyfulight – 03-0498-0023241-00

Please email Ngaire your name and a description of your issues.

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