Within Every Human Being Lies
the Seeds of Enlightenment for
You Are a Divine  Being of Light

What is a Soul Intunement

This type of reading is unique. We are delving into who you are at Soul level, by using the Akashic Records of the soul.

An Akashic Record is an energetic library or database of every thought, feeling, action that has incurred since your soul’s existence. We add to our record continuously, wherever we go, whatever incarnation we might be experiencing.

It tells us who we are at soul level, what are our energetic qualities, our divine gifts, and reveals appropriate information so that we may choose to come more into alignment with that, which is our true divine nature.

If you are feeling emotional turmoil, challenged with your purpose on this earth, and finding that your energy is unbalanced, then these are some indicators that you are spiritually seeking.

A Soul Intunement reading will

  • Provide for you deep insights into who you are at soul level
  • What your energetic gifts/qualities are
  • Uncover for you blocks and restrictions that may be causing difficulties that you are facing in this life, that you have yet to have re-balanced or remedied, because of lack of knowledge or understanding for e.g.
    • Relationship problems, low confidence or lack of self-esteem
    • Repeating patterns that create negativity in your life
  • Reveal who you are at soul level so you can resolve and clear these challenges
  • Give you a positive shift in your consciousness and energy vibration
  • Give you a new awareness and intent to express, from now on, your Divine Self fully as you were meant to do
  • Will give you an opportunity to make new choices that are more in alignment with your Divine Nature – to shift your current experience and move into a sense of fulfilment and abundance

Clearing Work

Having become aware of the core restrictions and blocks, the next step is to clear these in your Akashic Record and in your subconscious mind. During the pre-work reading I clear your Akashic Record of negative influences and facilitate a realignment of your Soul with your Divinity.

After the one on one reading session, you need to do your part of the clearing by actively reprogramming your subconscious. You will receive instructions on how to do this as part of the reading.

Are you ready to become the powerful creator of your human experience?

Soul Intunement, NZ$296.

PLEASE NOTE: To access your Akashic Record I will need the following information from you at least 3 days before our scheduled appointment. All readings are via skype unless you are local and an in-person session can be arranged.  All sessions are recorded and you will receive a link to download the recording.
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