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I am a Principal Consultant with The DoorWay – and even though this journey has just begun – wow – it is really accelerating my own personal growth and potential.

The DoorWay literally opened up a new door-way for me to step through, so I could expand my own talents and abilities, to share these with others, in a way that I am passionate about.

I invite you to go directly to The DoorWay website and explore the potential that lies in wait for you!

We provide The DoorWay “Transformation Toolbox™” to address today’s challenges.
For business and for life, we offer three types of Quests:

  1. Setting Direction … to find your “true north”;
  2. Maintaining Balance … to maintain your “true north”;
  3. Optimising Progress … use Intention Quests to optimise your journey.

What people say about the workshops

I would like to share my experience of doing the Inner Compass Technique exercise. At the start of doing this exercise I found little difference, however your recommendation to do this exercise every day at least once a day for 21 days resulted in my mind losing a lot of the internal chatter (mind chatter) that I experienced beforehand. This resulted in a calmer body as well and so I continue to do this exercise daily to maintain this state.
Thank you so much for showing me this technique, it has helped a lot in coping with day to day stresses and to stay focused in the present moment. Calm mind, calm body, better health. Great stuff.
Esme – Inner Compass Attendee – Northland.

Ngaire has an amazing, positive, calm energy and it was a privilege to be in her workshop.  Thanks Ngaire.  
Paula Daysh,  Inner Coach attendee – Auckland.

Great for anyone who wants to gain more clarity in where they want to go in life via your connection to the universe.  
Jem Litherland, Inner Coach attendee – Auckland.

I feel this workshop could be life-changing for some people.  Ngaire’s presentation for this workshop was easy to follow and understand.  The information shared brought lots of concepts together.  The practical exercises are easy to put into practice. 
Helen Hope,  Inner Coach – Naturopath, Auckland.

This workshop will help you understand unlimited resources available to get life full of happiness, joy and wealth.  
Darshan Singh – Inner Coach – Auckland

I attended the Inner Compass workshop to learn how to stop being so indecisive, and make better decisions.   The Inner Compass has helped me to access a better state to gain insight.     
Laura-Marie Casey,   Inner Compass attendee,  Northland.

I attended the Inner Compass workshop because of feelings of high anxiety and stress.  I feel re-aligned, coming back to my breath and finding my intuition.   
Lisa Bennett,  Inner Compass Attendee,  Northland.

The Inner Compass technique can be used in harmony for myself to assist a simple way of progressing to more joy and success in my life. 
Mary Chapman, Inner Compass Attendee,  Northland

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